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Raffle Update 3


13 Jul 2022

Talofa Marist Family,
People are asking why we always fundraise? Ever since we started attending Marist Brothers’ schools, we have been fundraising. We sold raffle tickets, we held bazaars, we had muftis, we did wheelbarrows and we had Siva Samoa and Tausala/Manaia at Feiloaimauso Hall (as it was then called). Now we are no longer at school, but we are still fundraising!

Our Marist schools need money to run the schools – hence the need to fundraise. The fees we charge are no where near the school fees that private schools charge. The One Government Grant is a big help and for which we are grateful. But we still have financial shortfalls every year. We also want to raise our teachers’ salaries and develop our schools to international standards. So we fundraise.

We remember the late Afioga Patu Tiava’asu’e Falefatu Maka Sapolu (former Chief Justice of Samoa) when he did a talk at our MBOPA Taula Lounge in 2018. “O tatou e tagiilima.” We don’t depend on others but ourselves.

The passion and willingness to fundraise so we can help pay our teachers’ salaries and keep our schools going help build character and promoted solidarity. These are integral parts of our Sipili Malisi.

So now, whenever we hear a “Call Out” from our President, we rally to the call. Marist We On!

Buy a raffle ticket by using your Vodafone phone. It is so EASY! Just dial *888# and then choose from the different Marist Raffle bundles on offer. (Provided you have credit!)

For other ways to buy tickets, go to our Marist and Vodafone websites.

Terms and Conditions Apply.

For more information: Visit our website:

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