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Marist Brothers Old Pupils farewell Brother Christopher Maney


20 Jun 2022

After 26 years of service as a Marist Brother in Samoa, Br Christopher Maney was farewelled by Marist Brothers Old Pupils Association (MBOPA) on 15 th June 2022. Br Chris returns to New Zealand (via Rome, Italy) where he will continue his lifelong service as a Marist Brother.

Br Chris commemorated this year his 60 th anniversary as a Marist Brother. It was the same year that he took up his calling to be a Marist Brother that Samoa also became an Independent nation. Br Chris was the keynote speaker at Alafua where MBOPA celebrated Samoa’s 60th Independence.

Br Chris Maney with his former students

MBOPA hosted Br Chris’s farewell party at MBOPA Taula Lounge. The farewell was well attended by senior members of MBOPA and former students of Br Chris. Even MBOPA members in USA (Irving Carruthers and John Meisake) joined in by video call!

Br Chris Maney with everyone who attended his farewell party

Afioga Oloipola Terrence Betham thanked Br Chris for his many years of service in Samoa,

particularly his service on the Marist Brothers Property & Finance Management Committee.

The President of MBOPA, Tuatagaloa Aumua Ming Leung Wai spoke on behalf of Br Chris’s former students. He remembered Br Chris to be “witty, humble and very engaging as a teacher.”

Br Chris was grateful to the Old Pupils for the send-off and the wonderful memories of Samoa. He hopes to return to Samoa in 2 years time for the 100 th anniversary of MBOPA.

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