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Marist Brothers Old Boys Association changes name


27 Jul 2011

“Marist” or “Malisi” as it known here in Samoa, is an international brand that people associate with high achievement and success.

A historical change in the history of the “Marist Brothers Old Boys Association” was made when the majority of its members voted in favor of an amendment to the Association’s Constitution to change its name to “Marist Brothers Old Pupils Association”.

The amendment was passed during the Association’s Annual General Meeting on Friday evening, 22 July 2011, at the Marist Old Boys Lounge at Alafua. Thirty six members of the Association were present at the meeting when the amendments to its Constitution, including the changing of its name, were discussed and approved.

The President, Afioga Pouniu George Hazelman, during the Meeting stated that “changing of the name to recognize the presence of girls in the school has been in discussion for more than 5 years. A decision had to be made whether the old boys would support such a significant change to the history of the Old Boys Association.”

The change was welcomed by the old girls who were present at the Meeting. Girls were first accepted in St Joseph’s College in 1993. It has been 17 years and their numbers have growth over those years. A change to recognize our presence in the College was inevitable. There are also plans for St Joseph’s College to become a co-ed school in the future by this is yet to be confirmed by the Marist Brothers.

The members of the Association are hoping that the name change will encourage greater participation by old girls of the College in meetings, fundraising events, functions and other affiliations of the Association as well as the school. All old girls should appreciate the significance and importance of the decision by the Old Boys Association and should no longer feel left-out.

Other matters approved during the meeting included the appointment of new young members to the Office of the Association. They are: Sau Justina Sau (General Secretary), Petra Chan Tung (Assistant General Secretary) and Tuivaiave Ioane Maletino (Treasurer). Pouniu George Hazelman and Peseta Kasiano Ioane were re-elected as President and Vice President respectively.

The Association, through its Executive Committee, has established a Committee to review the current discipline problems and exam results of St Joseph’s College. The Committee with work with the Marist Brothers and teachers of the school find solution for problems faced by the school.

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