At the end of the Marist 125 Years Celebrations

HOSFriday 13th September 2013
(Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Taisi Efi, Marist Mulivai Hall, Sunday 01 September 2013)

I have been asked to say the official goodbyes.  I want to say goodbye and thank you by telling you why I’m here.  This morning after Mass, Filia said we should go home we have a few things to attend to.  I said I feel a strong sense of bonding and I want to stay.  Then she said, we didn’t bring a to’ana’i.  And I said, it doesn’t matter.

And that is, as in Hamlet, the question:  What matters?

What matters is that we are celebrating one hundred and twenty five (125) years of Marist Mulivai.  I am seventy five (75) and I don’t expect to be alive for the next Jubilee in twenty five (25) years – which makes this Jubilee very special for me.

More so because I am a flag-bearer not only for my grandfather, father and brother who went to Marist Mulivai  but also for all my friends that I went to school with.

When I meet the iconic Sapa’u Lolesio, I feel a lift and a pang.  He’s older than me and yet he looks younger.  I look at his face and then in a quick survey of the crowd I become wistfully conscious that many of our contemporaries have passed on.  I cannot resist saying to myself, don’t ever miss an opportunity to share and to say, I love you, because it may be for the last time.

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Fight for Marist - Official program

Click to download the official program - Fight for Marist

Boxing program

Extravaganza Ball and Po Siva
Friday 16th August

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Brief history of Marist Brothers primary School Mulivai

Wednesday 14th August - The first school in Apia that was associated with the Marist Brothers was founded in 1871 at Saleufi. The Brothers taught there for 6 years before closing the school and leaving Samoa due to different causes. The structure of the Roman Catholic Church in Samoa when the Marist Brothers opened schools in Apia was quite different from present church structures.

The present Archdiocese of Samoa – Apia structure only came into being in 1974. Back then in 1888, the Samoan Catholic Mission was part of the Vicar Apostolic of Western Oceania. Therefore, in 1888, Bishop Lamaze SM who was the Vicar Apostolic of Western Oceania, visited ...

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Marist prepares for 125 Years Anniversary

Sunday 11th August - Months of planning will culminate in a week long celebration to commemorate Marist Brothers’ Primary School 125th Year Anniversary from 24 August to 1 September 2013. The Executive Committee of the Marist Brothers Old Pupils’ Association (“MBOPA”) is tasked with organising this auspicious event.

The anniversary aims to bring the Marist fraternity together, with members travelling from overseas. MBOPA will also use some of activities during the anniversary to raise funds to finance the new building currently being constructed at Marist Brothers’ Primary School, Mulivai. The new building will house a modern science laboratory and library plus rooms ...

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Golf Tournament and Fight for Marist

Sunday 11th August

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Official Programme for 125 Year Anniversary is now available

Wednesday 7th August

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125 year programme

125 Years of the Marist Brothers’ Primary School at Mulivai

Monday 25th March 2013 - The commemoration of the 125 Years of the Marist Brothers’ Primary School in Samoa is scheduled for August 2013. The Marist Brothers’ have handed over full responsibilities to the Marist Brothers’ Old Pupils Association (MBOPA) for all the preparations of this forthcoming event.

In addition, the Marist Brothers’ in close collaboration with the Marist Brother’s Old Pupils Association (MBOPA) is undertaking a multi-million tala project at the Marist Primary School premises for a new two-storey building consisting of a Sport and Arts Room at the ground floor and the top floor will host the science lab and a library.

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Important Notices

Account Details for 125th Anniversary
Name:       Marist Brothers 125th Anniversary Project Account

Account Number:  101-0550493-001

Name of Bank:        Samoa Commercial Bank Limited
                                    Methodist Church Building
                                    Beach Road, Matafele
                                    Apia, Samoa


Please provide full contact details for receipt and record purposes.



Marist Brothers Old Boys Association Changes Name

Thursday 28th July 2011 - A historical change in the history of the “Marist Brothers Old Boys Association” was made when the majority of its members voted in favor of an amendment to the Association’s Constitution to change its name to “Marist Brothers Old Pupils Association”. 

The amendment was passed during the Association’s Annual General Meeting on Friday evening, 22 July 2011, at the Marist Old Boys Lounge at Alafua.  Thirty six members of the Association were present at the meeting when the amendments to its Constitution, including the changing of its name, were discussed and approved.

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The Marist Old Pupils Association (Samoa) invites all past students to subscribe and become a member for the year 2013.

$20 tala for those residing in Samoa
$20US for American Samoa & USA residents
$20NZ for New Zealand residents
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$20EURO for those residing in Europe
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Weekly Meetings
All old pupils of SJC are invited to join our weekly meetings every Wednesday at the Old Pupils Lounge, Alafua.

Meeting Starts 6:30pm

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